Thursday, April 19, 2018

After 'blue whale' bike racing game 'iron butt challenge' becomes killer

Representatives of devil are introducing more and more attractive and irresistible games and challenges to trap and destroy many lives particularly that of the young ones. The day before it was 'slender man', yesterday it was 'blue whale' and today it is in a different and appealing form known as 'iron butt'. The dangerous effects of this new challenge caught public attention following the sad demise of a Kerala engineering student Mithun Lal who met with an accident and lost his life while fulfilling a bike race challenge that required him to cover a distance of more than 1000 kilometers within 24 hours. Even though iron butt bike riding challenge is from US based iba (iron butt association) and it appears in a different style, there is no doubt it is an  appliance of the evil forces to ruin the human lives. Fulfilling such challenges may be possible in their countries, but in India we need to consider many other factors also like the conditions of our roads, traffic system, population, safety precautions etc. One should not forget that more than 1000 precious lives are lost and many are badly injured (mostly youngsters) in bike accidents alone every year in Kerala state of India.

Bike racers and adventure lovers may differ to the views posted in this article. But any challenges that demand youngsters to perform at the risk of their lives, is from the destroyer. If one just crosses the age of 18, he/she may be politically an adult, but to take an important decision in life or to assess and find out what is good and what is bad or to observe the virtue of abstaining or restraining with self-control from doing things that are harmful and dangerous, this age is still  immature in the case of most Indian youth.

There is much difference with the mentalities of the youth of our country and other countries. In some countries like America, a boy or girl of 20-years is totally self sufficient and becomes capable of taking decisions pertaining to self including education, career and marriage. But in India, most the youth of the same age depend on the family. Moreover, most children in the teenage and youth period develop a tendency to indulge in some rare activities (usually forbidden by the society) or perform some adventurous tasks. It is during this period they become drug addicts and alcoholics. That is why politicians and political parties use the youth to involve in fighting, arsen and violence for their selfish gains.

Though all the above mentioned new games (like online video games) are destructive, Iron Butt bike race challenge is more dangerous than blue whale. While blue whale forces the player to commit suicide, iron butt not only kills the players but also kills other innocent pedestrians and travellers as a result of the rash driving. 

It is proved scientifically that playing video games makes a child more violent and reduces his/her ability to concentrate on other things. Children who spend more time on internet and mobile phone also become selfish and disobedient. They show lack of interest in studies and career. Hence these inventions are used by devil as the easiest tools to spoil the young generation.

Parents, teachers, elders and all responsible people are requested to warn and keep our youth from excessive use of internet, online / mobile games, facebook, whatsapp and all such satanic tools.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kerala LDF Government's double stand on liquor and drugs policy

There is a misconception in some people in Kerala about the reason for the defeat of the previous UDF government in Kerala. Though there are few solid reasons for the pathetic failure of the UDF, the main reason was the corruption allegations. It is not their liquor restriction policy that lead to their pitiable fall, as some people think and publicize. 

Even though the initiative of Senior Congress leader V M Sudheeran who took the lead political role in campaigning and striving hard to make God's own country free from liquor and other drugs, was not backed (even opposed and isolated) by some of his own party colleges, his image as a hero remains unfadable in the minds of majority of people particularly the women who are experiencing the bitter effects of alcohol and other drug addictions. The Congress Party leaders' disunity and separation of V M Sudheeran may be the second major reason for its defeat.

Seeing the mass political and social support for the 'liquor restriction and minimizing policy' of the UDF Government, the LDF also made a similar campaign in tune of 'liquor abstinence policy' that gave a feeling in the people's mind that the LDF also would strive for making Kerala drugs-free in the coming years. But ever since assuming power, all the poll promises of the LDF in their liquor policy started changing quoting different reasons like revenue deficit. If liquor sale is the only means for increasing income for the state, who knows whether they will not legalize the cultivation, production and sale of ganja (marijuana) in the near future!

It is unethical and devious for the governments to slip away from  prepoll  promises after being elected and attaining power. Ever since coming to power, the LDF government's decisions taken in matters related to liquor appears as if the government is acting as an ambassador of the devil that will benefit the liquor mafia at the cost of numerous poor innocent lives of the people of God's own country. If the concerned don't realize and correct their mistakes as early as possible, time will teach them a fitting lesson that these policies are historical blunders and they may not get an opportunity again to make good their huge lose!

It is known and proved well that alcohol and other drugs are a serious threat not only to the individual but to the society as a whole, especially in countries like India. So leaders and rulers whether local or national, if they have any concern for the people or dharma, they must do whatever possible to drive away this evil not only from their locality, but also from the country even.

Sunday, January 28, 2018 Kerala's Retired Policemen's Detective Service

The novel bright idea that formed in the brain of some retired officials of the Kerala Police and some lawyers, today gave birth to a new private investigation organization by name X-Cops in Thrissur. The new initiative is to render secret investigative services to the people and if required to the state police department. It may give an opportunity to the retired police staff to prove their mettle by unearthing mysterious and hidden crimes in the state, without any political or departmental interference. The idea is first of its kind in India and will be widely welcomed by the public provided the agency stand firm in achieving its aims. If the intention of the founders is to work honestly and truthfully and if corrupt and polluted persons are not given membership, it will create trends and be the beginning of a new era in the Indian police force.

There are many efficient and sincere personnel in the police department in India particularly in Kerala. But these days due to the pitfalls in our democracy, many a times, they are dictated and made handicapped not only by the ruling leaders or their political party members but even by their chota student wings. Such things damage the image and individuality of the police force and make it act like a puppet before the public. It is also embarrassing to see in India often highly educated and respected IAS/IPS officers being scolded in public by uneducated and uncounth leaders for not satisfying their personal interests. Of course, all members in the department are not fair. There are some criminals also in police who are always a shame and curse not only to the department but to the whole society.

The people are expecting the new investigators to be 'fair, frank and fearless' and expose the numerous crimes that are kept covered by the police to protect the interests of the rulers. If more and more sincere and efficient officers like Jacob Punnoose, Alexander Jacob, Jacob Thomas etc join this new private investigation service titled Ex-Cops and do things differently, they will become heroes in no time, not only in Kerala, but also in other parts of the country. If they also remain just like the other existing so called private detective agencies whose main task is to follow secretly the engaged boys and girls for a livelihood, it will be soon forgotten...!


Phones:  0487 2443007 , 91 94470 66007

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kanam Rajendran is voted as Manorama Newsmaker 2017

Out of the four finalists who entered in the fray to be chosen, the state secretary of CPI, Kanam Rajendran is voted as the Manorama Newsmaker of 2017 by the viewers and other people. This was announced by the Manorama news channel on 21st January, 2018.

The selection of Kanam by the people as the newsmaker of the past year is a recognition to his individual and party's strong stand and principles not to cope-up with corruption in the government.

It is considered as a great blow to the CPM party headed by CM Pinarayi vijayan which has been facing many allegations particularly the land revenue scams and police department failures. Pinaryi Vijayan who made a good start when he came to power later gained the name as 'dothi claded Modi' because of his many steps resembling the PM style in his capacity. The government's failure to warn and inability to handle Okhi cyclone disaster was the biggest failure of the present Kerala government which has terribly damaged the CPM's image.

With the stern steps taken by CPI ministers and leaders, their personal and party image also increased in the public. On the other hand, Pinarayi and the CPM, instead of heeding to the concerns of their partners in the government and taking correctional measures, they are running after other tainted parties and individuals to keep the safe numbers to hold the government somehow and to give a warning to the CPI by teaching it a lesson.

Let such verdicts of the people open the eyes of those leaders, who after getting elected and attains power conveniently forget the promises made to the people before elections!

Congratulations to the fair, clear and transparent leaders. May the people also stop carrying leaders who do not keep up their pre poll promises.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Vote Online for The Winner of 'MANORAMA NEWSMAKER 2017'

As usual one of the most preferred news channels of Malayalees, Manorama News is inviting peoples' mandate to choose the 'NEWSMAKER OF 2017'. The first step of the process is completed by the Editorial Board of the news channel. Depending upon the volume of involvement in the NEWS in 2017, they shortlisted 10 persons and left it to the people's court to select the 4 finalists through online and SMS voting.

The 4 candidates who are voted to the final list are:

1. Alphons Kannanthanam: (Honest and efficient IAS Officer. Earned name and fame as the 'Demolition Man' when he worked as the Commissioner of the Delhi Municipal Corporation for taking stringent action against the encroachment mafia risking own life. Later resigned civil service and contested as an LDF candidate (with communist support) to the Kerala Legislative Assembly and won. Then joined BJP. Recently got appointed as Union Minister by PM Modi. Started making controversial statements (and swallowing later) in the haste attempt of entering the good book of Modi-Amit Shah, at the cost of his hard-earned reputation and image. 

2. Kanam Rajendran: (Kerala State secretary of CPI party. Serving as MLA for second term. He became a news maker by strongly opposing many policies of the Pinarayi Vijayan's LDF Government of which his party is the main partner mainly the land related ones in Kerala)

3. Parvathi: (Leading film actress of South India. Recently won the Golden Peacock Best Actress award in the International film festival of India in Goa. Won the appreciation and affection of people for taking the bold and lead role in the formation of 'women in cinema collective' with other like-minded artists to fight against the powerful male domination in AMMA, for the hapless woman actress who was recently attacked cruelly.)

4. Sreeram Venkitaraman: (Doctor turned IAS officer who became a civil servant not by chance but by choice. While serving as the Devikulam Sub-collector in Idukki, he had to face a lot of hardships even from the ruling party ministers and MLAs, for being honest to his profession and for his firm stand against the illegal land encroachment mafia. As a result of this he was transferred from Devikulam.)

Anyone can cast his/her opinion vote by clicking this link. There will be open forums discussions and debates with each of these 4 finalists in the Manorama News Channel. The final 'Manorama Newsmaker 2017' will be chosen basing on the person who bagged the maximum number of people's votes.

To cast your vote, please click this link and click below the name/picture of your choice and submit'

Updated on 22nd January, 2018: The winner is Kanam Rajendran. Please check it here:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Mazhavil Manorama's Latest Musical Reality Show: Apply Online

One of the leading TV entertainment channels in Malayalam, Mazhavil Manorama is gearing up for the launch of another mega 'Musical Reality Show' to hunt and bring to the limelight the talented singers among the Malayalam knowing folks around the globe.

Such reality shows greatly help to identify and recognize the hidden talents in the ordinary people by conducting auditions and give them proper training and grooming and help them get elevated in the society as celebrity 'stars'!

Musical reality shows are appreciated by most people as they help to bring out the hidden talents in the average people particularly the neglected sections due to opportunities.

Interested candidates can apply online for the auditions to be held shortly in different cities of Kerala, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Dubai by clicking this link.

Eligibility to apply:

Both male and female candidates in the age group of 15-20 with singing aptitude can apply online. 

The selected candidates will be given training and grooming by most admired musicians/singers of Kerala.

Audition Centers and Dates:

Cochin         - 2017 December 09 and 10 

Trivandrum  - 2017 December 13 and 14

Calicut         - 2017 December 16 and 17

Mumbai       - 2017 December 23

Bangalore    - 2017 December 31

Chennai       - 2018 January 6  

Dubai          - (Date will be listed later)

Audition Dates & Time:

There is facility for the participants to opt either the forenoon or the afternoon session for the audition on the above mentioned dates.

Friday, November 17, 2017

AAM AADMI Government in Delhi Proves Government for the People!

The decision by the AAM AADMI Government led by Arvind Kejriwal and TEAM in Delhi to reach the people to render many public services at the people's door-step, has added another golden feather on their cap. With the launching of his brand new reform aimed to minimize the woes of the citizens and maximize the convenience, comfort and well-being of all the people living in Delhi state, Arvind Kejriwal has once again proved that Aam Aadmi Party's primary concern is people's welfare.

Once this new amelioration is implemented in few months, the residents living in the national capital will have the rare opportunity of bringing the required government services to their door-steps instead of queuing up in front of the government offices. The government is planning to start the scheme by providing nearly 40 services in the first phase and add about 30 services every month until most of the serves are covered. The project in the initial phase will include applying for ration card, driving licence, aadhar card new and change of address, income / caste / marriage certificates, water connections etc.

As per the plan, the government is to hire an agency that can appoint employees as 'mobile sahayks' to work with government officers who will respond to the calls from the residents and fulfill their needs.

While many state governments and even the central government introduce certain new reforms that end up as chaos, this one remains as an eye-opener for any heads of governments who make self claims and dreams to be called and considered as a real hero by the people.

The agony that the people experience in most of the government offices is not a new thing. It is not an unknown matter for the rulers. Whoever goes to any government offices for any work (even a minor one) will have to give handsome bribe (mostly fixed by the authorities) and visit the office several times and greet them to get it done. 

Despite numerous attempts by the powerful central BJP government (using most of its departments) to finish off the party which poses a threat to it, it is a wonder how the small party is surviving and performing well without the required amount of cooperation and support of the central government!

We wish any government or ruler all success, who works selflessly for the welfare of the people.

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