Saturday, July 30, 2016

LAUGHING VILLA Comedy show on SURYA TV watch online

Malayalam's one of the popular general entertainment channels, Surya TV is launching a brand new comedy show on weekends starting from 2016 July 30 Saturday and 31 Sunday at 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. This exclusive comedy episodes are expected to amuse the TV viewers and increases the ratings shortly. 

The show which is sponsored by world's favourite jeweller Joy Alukkas is being hosted by film star and comedian Nobi (who became a comedy actor through Asianet's comedy stars) is to showcase most of the comedy veterans of Malayalm film industry like Innocent, Kunchan, Manian Pillai Raju, Navya Nair, Manju pillai, Surabhi etc and many other talented comedy actors of stage shows.

As a surprise guest, Jagathy Sreekumar also is to appear on the show.

The producers of the show are hoping to overtake the Malayalam version of the 'Comedy nights with Kapil' on Asianet TV by name 'Bedai Bungalow' by proven comedians Mukesh, Pisharadi, Manoj, Dharman etc. which has already become a hit in terms of viewer ratings.

Nowadays more people are interested to watch comedy programs to get some relief from their stress of life. However some comedians are found spoiling the shows with their substandard wits and spicy dialogues with double meaning drive away many viewers.

Let us hope that this show becomes a super-hit with some quality stuff.

Watch all the episodes (today's / yesterday's / latest) online through the official youtube videos of Surya TV.

Add your opinion / comments about the show below:

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kerala New LDF Government Cabinet Ministers List 2016

"LDF will come and set right everything"..!This was the slogan of the Left Democratic Front in Kerala while campaigning for the 2016 state Assembly Elections. Now LDF has come to power in Kerala with a thumping verdict of the Kerala voters. Everything is ready in Kerala to welcome the New Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers. People are keeping all hopes on this government led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and watching whether the Chief minister and his team of ministers would fulfill this slogan and 'set right' everything...!.

It is a proven fact that many Left Leaders who still adhere to some values and principles keep away from corruptions. But the common people are apprehensive about their violent nature and the leaders support for the atrocities carried out by their party activists and other workers. The attack on the shop owner by his workers immediately after the counting of votes is one of the latest examples of the high-handedness of the workers affiliated to the left parties.

The press statement given by the C M designate Pinarayi Vijayan on the eve of the swearing-in day today was very promising and lifting the spirits of all the people of Kerala. He stressed that the upcoming new government will be a government of all the people of the state above political or communal lines. He also warned the people to be cautious of anyone who may approach the public saying that he/she is an associate of the Chief minister. (It was very surprising and unfortunate that none of the journalists of Kerala showed minimum courtesy to thank the CM designate for the sweet he distributed or to wish him 'Birthday Greetings'..!).

Here is the List of the New Council of Ministers of LDF government from 2016-21:

Total Ministers in Cabinet  - 19

Ministers From CPI (M)           - 12

Ministers From CPI                 - 04
Minister From JD (secular)       - 01
Minister from Cong (S)            - 01
Minister from NCP                   - 01

Sl No:  Name of the Minister:              Portfolio:                                          Party:

1.         Pinarayi Vijayan                 Chief Minister, Home, Vigilance, IT     CPI (M)

2.         Dr. Thomas Issac               Finance                                               CPI (M)

3.         Ravindra Nath                    Education                                            CPI (M)

4.         E.P Jayarajan                     Industry, Sports                                  CPI (M)

5.        G. Sudhakaran                     P W D  and Registration                    CPI (M)

6.        K K Sailaja                           Health and Medical                            CPI (M)

7.        Mercykutty Amma                Fisheries, traditional industries          CPI (M)

8.        K T Jaleel                              L
ocal self government                      CPI (M)

9.        Katakampally Surendran      Electricity, Devaswom                       CPI (M)

10.      A. C Moideen                        Co-operative,   
Tourism                    CPI (M)

11.      K Balan                                  SC / ST welfare,  Law, Culture        CPI (M)

12.     T P Ramakrishnan                 Excise, Employment                         CPI (M)

13.     E. Chandrasekharan              Revenue                                           CPI

14.     V S Sunil kumar                     Agriculture                                        CPI

15.     P Thilothaman                       Food, Civil Supplies                           CPI

16.     K Raju                                    Forest                                               CPI

17.     Mathew T Thomas                 Irrigation and Water department       JD (S)

18.    Kadannappilly Ramachandran  Port, Archaeology and Zoo            Cong (S)

19.   A K Saseendran                       Transport, Water Transport                NCP       


Speaker      : P Sreeramakrishnan  [CPI (M)]

Dy Speaker:  P. Sashi                     [CPI]

Chief whip  :  M M Mani                  [CPI (M)]

Lets hope that the new government will realize the feelings of the people and rule accordingly and remain in power as many terms as possible winning the appreciation and love of all the people...!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Kerala / Tamil Nadu / Puducherry 2016 Election Exit Poll RESULTS

And finally the judgement day is over after a long battle of around 2 months! As the beautiful term 'democracy' is being given a dirty meaning by the selfish and cruel politicians, every elections are literally seeing the murder of democracy for the benefits of these politicians. As a result of this, every elections are taking an ugly face. And the situation will be worse in the polls to come in future. As the formation of some fronts were done against values and principals, people are struggling hard to suppress their eagerness to know who all will win and who all will lose. Unlike the earlier elections, the government in the center is also keen to find whether the so called 'Modi wave' (which was projected 2 years ago) is still prevailing in the Indian states.

All the candidates who contested and the political parties reiterated the same statements which they have been making from the first day of their campaigning that they will win and their parties will form the governments. If the words of the leaders are to be taken seriously, there will be many governments in every state like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. All UDF Leaders (except disloyal congress leader C N Balakrishnan) very strongly stated that the UDF government in Kerala will have a continuation of government, while all the LDF leaders stated that the there is a strong wave favouring the LDF. All the third front NDA leaders also expressed similar positive opinions.

The same statements were witnessed in Tamil Nadu state also. While CM Jayalalithaa said that the AIADMK will secure majority to form government, the DMK front also said similar statement that they will win more seats to form the next government in Tamil Nadu.

As the voting is completed by and large peacefully, and all the stake holders are finding it very difficult to control their anxiety until the counting day on May 19, they will turn to the various exit polls and post poll opinion surveys. Here are the results of the various exit poll results of Kerala and Tamil Nadu elections:


1. India Today - Axis:

   UDF: 38 - 48
   LDF: 88 - 101
   NDA:  0 - 03
   IND:   1 - 04

2. C-Voter:

   UDF: 54 - 62
   LDF: 74 - 82
   NDA:  0 - 04
   IND:   0 

3. India TV:

   UDF: 58 
   LDF: 78 
   NDA:  2
   IND:   2

4. Today's Chanakya:

   UDF: 57
   LDF: 75
   NDA:  8
   IND:   2

5 . News Nation:

   UDF: 68 - 72
   LDF: 67 - 71
   NDA:  0 - 02
   IND:   0


1. Axis - My India: 

    DMK +  : 124 - 140      
    AIADMK:   89 - 101
    PWF      :      n/a
    BJP       :     0 - 03
    OTHERS:      4 - 08

2. News Nation:

    DMK +  : 114 - 118   
    AIADMK:   95 - 99
    PWF      :   12 - 16
    BJP       :     0 - 01
    OTHERS:     5 - 09


1. Axis - My India:

    Congress + : 15 - 21
    AIADMK      : 01 - 04
    AINRC        : 08 - 10
    OTHERS      :  0 - 02

Friday, May 6, 2016

Poonjar / Punjar (Kottayam) Assembly Election 2016 winner is ..

Though the electoral battle in every constituency whether big or small, is a matter of 'do or die' situation for all the political parties and contesting candidates concerned, some constituencies attract special public interest. Poonjar assembly constituency in Kottayam district of Kerala is probably witnessing one of the toughest poll battles and all eyes are turned towards Poonjar to know the voting outcome.

As per the final list of nominations filed for the Kerala Assembly Polls 2016 after the withdrawal of candidates, Poonjar constituency recorded the top position in entire Kerala with the highest number of 17 candidates in the fray. While most constituencies have a triangular fight Poonjar is witnessing a quadrilateral battle with all the four candidates foretelling their winning. 

In Poonjar, UDF has fielded Georgekutty Augusthy of Kerala Congress (M) and LDF is supporting PC Joseph (newly formed Francis George Group). The NDA's candidate is former CPIM activist MR Ullas who is now a member of Vellappally Nateshan's BDJS. 

Poonjar gained its present popularity by its long time MLA PC George, who was earlier liked by most people of the mandalam for his pro-people activities and comparatively cleaner and transparent image. But his disobedience to the political leaderships and his uncontrollable tongue distanced many of his loyal fans from him. In the past, he was a regular celebrity guest for the media as he often used unparliamentary and vulgar words in his public statements against most leaders in the government of which he too was a part. Many journalists, mimicry artists and cartoonists often termed him as an 'uncontrollable wild animal' and he seemed enjoying and relishing these comments and considered them as an encouragement for his untameable wild attitude. 

But after leaving the government and the ruling front, with a hope of getting the favor of the left leaders, he further unlashed his sharp tongue and continued to challenge everyone with whom he was working for more than three years. And when his hope of getting accommodated in the LDF failed, George realised the necessity to control his tongue. And when the LDF at the last moment, fielded another candidate for Poonjar, it was a great unexpected blow for PC George and he was very calculative and careful in criticising the LDF leaders like Pinaray Vijayan and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan as he knew it is not safe as he is aware of the after effect of criticising CPI(M) leaders.

PC George who has represented Poonjar as MLA for six times has won the applaud of the people of his constituency for being with them even in small and common things that pertained even to the average man. People have high regard for his character and his stand against corruption. Even though he is contesting as an independent candidate now as the LDF which has ditched him, he is very confident of his victory and has offered his support to VS Achuthanandan in case there is a hung assembly and VS getting the chance becoming the next CM. To his added advantage, both his rivals who were earlier his colleagues are new to the assembly. 

For people of Poonjar PC George is an already proven worker. What ever is his merits or demerits in adjusting with other fronts or parties, people feel that he is a reliable leader who will stand by the people and for the people in their needs. They also hope that in the event of his winning another term, he concentrate more on the needs of the constituency and its people rather than wasting his time, energy and respect by engaging in mud-slinging and revenge taking activities and prove his improved maturity in deeds and words...!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kerala Election 2016; Latest Final trends: Who will form the next Government?

There will soon be an end to the anxiety and curiosity of the people of Kerala. As assembly elections were announced much earlier this time than usual, the people had a long period of time waiting in eagerness about the political and communal changes that can take place in the state. Until now electoral battles were held between the two fronts viz. UDF and LDF but this time with the arrival of the NDA it has become a triangular fight.

Soon there will be answers to all questions about the political future of Kerala. With the counting of votes on May 19, it will become clear whom the people of Kerala have opted to rule them for another five years. Choosing the better devil is a real challenge for most of the concerned voters of Kerala now. There is no necessity for any reports of any vigilance or investigating agency to ascertain that the present UDF government by Oommen Chandy is stained with charges of corruption while the LDF, whether it forms government or not, will be performing violence and murder. (Even the recent statements by some senior CPIM leaders like Jayarajan in his election speech underlines that it is very difficult to separate CPI(M) and violence and today's accidental death of a CPIM activist while making bombs at his home).  And the new comer NDA (by Amith Shah and PM Modi) has proved within just two years how easily and smartly they can divide the people and destroy the country by delivering attractive speeches. They also have nothing to claim in delivering good governance these tow years.

With just less than two weeks left for the voting, there is a lot of tension not only in the candidates and parties but also in the minds of the politically-literate people of Kerala. It was surprising to know that there was a huge inflow of hawala money into the state this time (probably for the first time) like the majority of states in India.

While a portion of the society are thinking to give a chance to the LDF as they believe that only the LDF can minimise corruption and stand sternly against fascism, the other portion is in favour of the UDF and say corruption is better affordable than violence and goondaism. Even though some pre-poll surveys conducted recently by Asianet TV give slight weightage to the LDF in the elections, the choice of the Chief Minister candidate was astonishing. Even people who want a left government favors a person like Ommen Chandy as the Chief Minister of Kerala. According to the survey results, majority of the people of Kerala opined that they preferred Oommen Chandy as the next CM also...

The list of contesting candidates in the fray are finalised. 

There are 140 assembly constituencies in the 14 districts of Kerala.

Total number of candidates filed nominations:        1,647
Candidates who withdrew nomination by May 2nd:    444
Total number of candidates in the final list     :       1,203      

Malappuram district has highest number of candidates: 145
Wayanad district has the least number of candidates:      29
The constituency with more number of candidates:  Punjar (Kottayam)

Even though many prominent personalities of the BJP including the PM Modi and chief Amit Shah are to hold many rallies and meetings in different parts of the state, majority of the people are unanimous in saying that Kerala should keep BJP away. Even though opportunist leaders like Vellappally Nateshan (who has frankly admitted that) have joined hands with BJP, and the BJP with all its power and might is camping in the state (as they did in Delhi) the popular feeling is that divisive and destructive politics of the sangh pariwar must not be entertained in God's own country.

The recent over reaction of Oommen Chandy to VS Achutanandan's allegations about 31 cases against him has caused more harm than good.

According to the people's public opinion about the ensuing Kerala assembly election results, in the present scenario, there are chances of repeating the previous 2011 election results once again in Kerala with UDF leading just one or two seats. one of the main factors of UDF's slight weigtage is because of their liquor ban policy (implimented by V M Sudheeran) which is welcomed by many particularly the women. But anything can happen any time that can influence the decision of the people until the day of polling ie on May 16th which can affect and alter the present opinion poll of the people. Even the inaction of the police for many days after the brutal rape and killing of poor law student Jisha has adversely affected the UDF to some extend even while writing this matter..!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Henko-Flowers Indian Film Awards Distributed: Winners List

Newly launched Malayalam General entertainment channel Flowers T V which is just one year old, has created a record by identifying, announcing and distributing 1st Flowers Indian Film Awards 2016 on 29th April, 2016 (Friday) evening at Sharjah Cricket stadium, UAE, in a spectacular and star-studded event. The colourful show was attended by about 300 guests and thousands of movie lovers mostly non-resident Keralites and NRIs.

According to the claims of the channel people, it is for the first time a local channel showing enough courage to declare film awards in a national level covering a wide range of movies form different languages. They also boast that these awards are chosen and given away impartially from the films belonging to Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. However more opinions of the people about this Flowers TV's first Indian film awards are yet to to be expressed later.

Some celebrities hailing from all these languages participated in the award distribution ceremony but the majority were from Malayalam film industry. As expected movies from all these languages were included in the winners list. 

The jury was headed by Hariharan

The sponsors of the event were Henko.

View the event online here:

For latest updates check flowers TV's facebook page:

Here is the complete list of the Winners of Henko-Flowers Indian Film Awards 2016:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kerala SSLC Results 2016 Check ONLINE (April 27 at 11 AM)

The Kerala State SSLC Board members meeting held today gave nod to publish the Kerala Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) Results 2016 on April 27 at 11.00 AM. Accordingly the declaration of the Kerala TENTH (10th class / X) results will put an end to the anxious waiting of all the students who wrote the Board Exams conducted by the 'Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan' from March 9th to 23rd and their parents, guardians, teachers and all who are concerned. 

This year about four lakhs seventy thousands students appeared for the SSLC exams. As the 10th results of 2015 became the center point of many controversies and was widely criticised by everyone for the inefficiency of all the stake holders including the Education Minister and other top officials, this time the department and the board has taken all steps to make the results fair and clear this time.

Check Kerala SSLC 2016 Results online through these official websites listed here after 11 AM on April 27, 2016:

How to check the SSLC results on-line?

1. Click on any of the websites listed above.

2. Click the relevant link.

3. Enter the Registration / Hal ticket number and any other particulars of the candidate required in the website for the results and submit.

4. get the results and take a printout.

How to get the SSLC results through Mobile SMS?

The Results can be known through MOBILE SMS also if on-line checking facility is not possible.

For Mobile SMS Results, Type sms message in this format and send to 56263.

KERALA10 <space> REGISTRATION NUMBER send to 56263

Best wishes...!